Full-Time Preschool Program

The full-time preschool program covers all development skills appropriate for preschoolers. Within this program, teachers will follow the curriculum while closely observing each student. The preschool program curriculum is interwoven with actives that allow children to develop cognitive, social/emotional, speech/language as well as grow and fine tune motor skills. Additionally we keep track of development milestones while creating circumstances where children can practice problem solving, advocating for themselves and making connections with their peers.

The full-time preschool program takes place, Monday - Friday, 9am 4pm. The daily schedule within these class days is embedded with actives and projects which will benefit our children greatly and prepare them for kindergarten. Sunshine Room highly recommends the full-time program and that students attend class as much as often as possible for consistency. Establishing routines is key developing the child’s trust and building confidence.

Preschool Curriculum

  •   Arts & Crafts

  •   Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Music

  •  Self love & Confidence/Public Speaking

  •   Language & Pre-Reading Skills

  •  Science

  •  Early Mathematics

  •   Social Skills

  • Problem Solving & Self Advocacy

  • Geography

Enrichment Activities

These supplemental activities are largely based on the interest of students and consist of various subjects, such as foreign languages, sports, visual arts, performing arts, gardening, music exploration, community outings, computer-based learning, and even cooking classes. These actives enhance child engagement and allow them ample opportunities to explore and grow. By elaborating on the interest of the students and allowing them to guide their own learning they develop a since of purpose.