Mission Statement

Our mission is to provided a fun, safe, loving environment for our students to grow and explore. We strive to create a space where our students feel welcomed and know they have a purpose.


Sunshine room believes in teaching and caring for the whole child physically, emotionally and socially. By observing areas that fascinate students and through consistent communication with the class and their families, we build on the interests of the children. We believe in building confident, compassionate individuals who will have a positive impact on community.

Sunshine Room understands the parent is the child's first and most important teacher, every effort is made to help the family educate their child. We will care for your child as a team. This program has an important role in shaping the social, emotional, and intellectual development of the young child

Our Goals

  • Create partnerships with families and guardians to create best outcomes for children. To keep families well informed on child’s progress.

  • Make children feel like an integral member of the classroom by offering them responsibility and instilling a sense of purpose.

  • Keep students safe; physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • To provide individual care and education plan for each child in the program.

  • Allow time both independent, group and make believe play for children each day.

  • Focus and build on all areas of development including cognitive, physical, social/emotional, language and self help/adaptive.

  • Prepare children for kindergarten.